Sl. No. Principal Investigator Agency Project Title Sanctioned Year End Of Project Duration
1 Dr Pandiyarasan V DST Inspire Wearable Thermoelectric Power Generator 2018-19 12.10.2023 5 Years
2 Dr. Priyanka Kokil (NBHM), DAE, GOI Stability analysis of non-linear discrete dynamical systems subject to interference 2019-2020 04.08.2022 3 Years
3 Dr. Vijayakumar DST TMD Virtual energy storage based demand response algorithm to enhance the performance of the battery energy storage in smart grid 2019-20 31.03.2023 3 years
4 Dr. Premkumar K. and Dr. Prerna Saxena (Co-PI) SERB Detection and Diagnosis of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference Attack on Critical Network 2019-20 12.8.2023 3 years
5 Dr. V. Pandiyarasan and Dr. K Jayabal (Co-PI) Indo-Egypt Hybridization of flexible thermoelectric and piezpelectric devices for energy harvesting 2020-21 11.11.2022 2 years
6 Dr. Priyanka Kokil and Dr. Appina Balasubramaniyam (Co-PI) TiHAN Foundation Visibility Enhancement algorithm for vision intelligence system based environment visibilty conditions 2021-22 1.07.2024 3 years
7HOD, Department of ECE DST FIST Program 2021-22 29.06.2026 5 years
8Dr. Tejendra Dixit SERB SRG Development of persistent Photoconductivity based optoelectronic synaptic devices using Oxide Semiconductors 2021-22 23.12.2023 2 years
9Dr. Pandiyarasan V DST SERB Design and Implementation of Hybrid Photovoltaic and thermoelectric system for efficient energy harvesting 2021-22 27.01.2025 3 years
10Dr. Priyanka Kokil SERB Stability of Non-linear time delayed systems subject to external interface via application to biological systems 2021-22 17.02.2025 3 years
11Dr. Priyanka Kokil SERB Development of multi class liver abnormalities detection system from ultrasound images using deep learning methods 2022-23 29.05.2025 3 years
12Dr Sreenath Reddy SRG Analytically and Experimentally Developed Metagratings-Based Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Creating Smart Radio Environments in 6G Applications 2022-23 12.10.2024 24 Months
13Dr Selvaraj M D SERB Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of 5G NOMA Cellular Systems 2022-23 05.01.2025 36 Months
14Dr. Chittibabu SERB Investigation on the stability of phase locked loop for the control of grid-tied solar PV 2022-23 19.01.2026 3 Years