Entrepreneurship and Motivational Talk

Title: Engineer to Entrepreneur: Innovation and Sustainable Development towards Startup India
Speaker: Rahul Lakhmani, Founder & CEO, Skiify Solutions
Date: 25-Aug-2021
Time: 11:30 am
Mode of Talk: Online.
The talk will also be live on Youtube: Youtube Live

A Career oriented, Research, Entrepreneurship and Motivational Talk Series will focus on the innovation and entrepreneurship- starting from idea to its successful execution in the market. To get a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurship pathway with different start-up schemes and to interact with the expert. The importance of Innovation and Sustainable development and how combining it with Entrepreneurship is fruitful for nation building will also be discussed. Startup India initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for growth of Startups. The objective is that India must become a nation of job creators instead of being a nation of job seekers.

Rahul Lakhmani,
Founder and CEO, Skiify Solutions
Start-up Mentor and Motivational Speaker

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Speaker Profile:
Rahul Lakhmani is an entrepreneur, educationist, motivational speaker and career counsellor. An IIT Bombay alumnus, he started his journey at a young age right within the college campus by conducting workshops and training sessions on various academic/vocational topics which were immensely beneficial for the students and faculty alike. With increasing popularity, he grew his venture into an independent self-funded startup called Skiify Solutions, which offers a plethora of services such as Software Development, Consultancy, Data Analytics, Geospatial Analytics, Training, Business Intelligence services etc. Thanks to his dedicated efforts, Skiify won ISLQ Award 2014 in Gold Category by BID Convention Paris.
Apart from leading his company, he is actively involved in training and guiding people from various social backgrounds through motivational talks and one-on-one counselling sessions. His audience includes but is not limited to students, corporate as well as government professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, artists and academicians. He has led and contributed to many thought-provoking and inspirational seminars across reputed institutions such as various IITs, IIMs and other leading government institutes. He has also been associated with AICTE from past 3 years as a start-up expert and mentor to guide student innovators and entrepreneurs as well as to motivate students to move towards innovation and start-up through his well-directed talks which includes his unique perspectives gained from his own experiences. He is also a member of MHRD’s Innovation cell. His area of influence includes start-up, education, ideation, and career as well as life and emotional well-being.
A strong believer of benevolence and philanthropy, he puts in continuous efforts to give back to the society and community. He believes that education is the best help one can provide to mankind and he always tries to educate young minds on various fundamentals of life.

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