Invited Talks

  1. Introduction to Retinal Signal Processing

    The Lecture is on the topic of Identification of hard Exudates seen in the Retina of patients suffering from severe Diabetes. The extent of Damage can be found by measuring the percentage area occupied by the hard Exudates. Since the Hard Exudates (HE) and the Optic disc (OD) are of similar colour (Yellow), one has to work very hard to separate them. The Optic Disc contains the Optic Nerve Fibres. A lot of Knowledge is to be accumulated by analyzing the hues of HE and OD from various perspectives. Downloaded Test Images were used. The procedure described, helps in developing the software for locating the HE and OD. The MATLAB based Programs may take less than a minute (on the usual PC’s) for Identification of HE and Display (in Test Images of size 256x197).

  2. E-Vehicles / Mobility: Challenges & Oppurtunities

    The automotive industries are showing a paradigm shift from the usage of internal combustion engine to electric based traction globally. This shift towards electric mobility has become necessity on account of the fast depletion of fossil fuels and due to environmental concern over climate changes. The potential global demand for EV four wheelers is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18-30% in the next 4-5 years and the global sales are expected to range 5-13 million by 2020.

    In India, road transportation alone accounts for more than 80% of the imported crude oil consumption. So, it is important that a rational approach for energy security and for mitigation of the environmental issues be addressed by shifting towards e-mobility.

    Like any transformative new technology, electric vehicles create a variety of potent techno-economic development challenges and opportunities. While the electric vehicle market is still at a relatively early stage of development, it is poised to reshape industries and communities the world over. The presentation will provide an overview of the potential benefits of electric vehicles so that students and researchers can better assess what the evolution of this technology will mean to their specific local communities and innovations.

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